The 5 Pillars Of Successfully Running Webinars, Events & Challenges For Your Business

Dan Todd
4 min readMar 14, 2022

There’s no doubt about it — running your own webinars, events, challenges, or a combination of all three — is one of THE BEST ways to provide value, create clients/customers and help to change peoples lives.

There’s no wonder everybody is running them!

But that said, it’s not as straight forward as it may seem.

It’s entirely possible to run a webinar, event or challenge the wrong way — and not get anywhere near the outcomes you were hoping to.

How? Because there’s so many different methods.. different software’s.. different strategies out there for running your own webinars, events and challenges.

But even with a proven and effective strategy, you are still at risk of your webinar/event/challenge failing if you lack even just 1 of 5 core pillars.

So today I want to reveal what these pillars are, so you can ensure your next webinar, event or challenge is the best possible success.

Quick note before we get started, it’s best to build each of these pillars in the order I’m sharing them. Don’t proceed to pillar 2, without having pillar 1 in place, for example.

Pillar 1: Audience Awareness Analysis

So you might be thinking, what on earth do I mean by this? In more straight forward terms…

Identifying your ideal audience.

Now this might seem straight forward — surely you can’t have a business without some indication of your target audience.

BUT, you’ll be surprsied how many people get this wrong.

And then wonder why nobody turns up to their webinar, event or challenge — or even worse, the WRONG type of people turn up.

Before creating your next event, webinar or challenge, fully identify your target audience and get inside their heads!

Pillar 2: Essential Event Establishment

Aka… creating a webinar, event or challenge that the audience you identified in pillar 1 actually wants.

There’s no use in creating an something that just doesn’t cry out to your target audience — that doesn’t…