How The Marketeer helped to fill Ryan Pinnicks webinars and challenges

Dan Todd
3 min readMay 30, 2022

with previously unheard of cost per leads

Ryan Pinnick, Founder of SuperGenius, has an immense passion for helping people around the globe to find and unleash their genius in every area of their life from relationships to their career.

At the heart of this, Ryan runs webinars, challenges and events, in person and virtually, for people of all shapes and sizes to come along for free.

Following hours of engaging, informative, and in many cases utterly life changing content, Ryan sells tickets to his more intimate in-person workshops and masterminds.


In order to continue to run successful and profitable webinars and challenges, three things were required:

1. Large numbers of brand new registrants & attendees — 100s and 1000s

2. Of high quality — those most engaged, most likely to turn up, take action and buy

3. Cost-effectively — at the lowest possible cost, to maximise the return on investment


In order to deliver these requirements, a number of challenges were overcome:

1. Ensuring the costs were kept low even when quantity of registrants increased, and the audience pool of potential registrants decreased

2. Countering the impact of the 2021s iOS changes leading to smaller audience pools, inaccurate and unreliable tracking and higher costs

3. Providing large registration/attendees numbers, cost-effectively, in a very competitive and saturated target markets where many advertisers are fighting for the attention of people from many walks of life


1. Daily Facebook Ads was and continues to be the best solution to providing webinar and challenge registrations in of high quality, in large numbers, and of low cost

2. Statistics were communicated daily with 24/7 access for support on Whatsapp and Email, as well as occasional zoom calls to plan future challenges and webinars, share ideas and give as much value as possible