Facebook Ads: The Who, What, Why, Where & How

Dan Todd
8 min readOct 10, 2019

A collection of all FAQ’s I’ve received over the last 12 months on Facebook Ads. Useful for all experience levels.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a paid advertising service, that allows you to pay to get your ads in front of your audiences across Facebook, as well as other platforms Facebook own such as Messenger and Instagram.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook Ads are run through Ads Manager — accessible via your main menu. Essentially there are 3 parts to the Ads:

  1. Campaign. This is the broad level that contains everything that your ads will be comprised of. This is where you set your ultimate goal.
  2. Ad Sets. Every campaign will have multiple Ad Sets, which are different audiences that you determine. This allows you to target different people, and test to see which audiences react better to your ads.
  3. Ads. Every Ad Set in your Campaign will have multiple Ads — These are actually what your audiences will see. It is comprised of text, media (images or videos) and a call to action button.

Imagine the Campaign is a tree trunk. Ad Sets are the branches, and Ads are the leaves.

What Are The Ad Image Dimensions?

At time of writing, the dimensions are 1,200 X 628 pixels. However this is known to change from time to time. If you have any doubt as to whether your image fits well on Ads, when setting up your Ad you can preview it across all of the different placements.

Why Do I Need Facebook Ads?

The average person is advertised to 300 times A DAY. Even if your business is part of a tiny niche with little competition, you still have to fight to stand out and even grab the attention of your target audiences for even a moment. This is where Facebook Ads come in.

  • At time of writing, about 2.2 billion people have active Facebook profiles — more than any other social media ever. -
  • You can precisely target your perfect target audience, so you don’t waste spend on advertising to people who will never be interested in you and what you have to offer.