5 Actions All Escape Rooms In Lockdown Countries Must Take

Dan Todd
7 min readNov 8, 2020

Hey friends, and welcome to our latest escape room marketing blog! Hope you and your loved ones are well wherever you are in the world.

The “second wave” of the Coronavirus is in full force across many countries, leading to their second lockdown of the year and the forced closure of escape rooms based there.

If you run or work in an escape room that has been forced to temporarily closed, you may be wondering what to do next? Whilst you may be more prepared and experienced for it than earlier in the year, the impact of closure can hit hard. You may feel out of control, paralysed and unable to take control of a situation that is seemingly out of your hands.

Your Escape Rooms are not just your passion project or nest egg, they’re the financial future of your loved ones and a key part of your local community. And that my friends must be protected as much as possible.

So on todays blog I wanted to share 5 actions that I feel ALL escape rooms in locked down countries MUST take in order to ensure they come out of it the best as possible — and that goes for you too!

If your country is currently not locked down, I’d still recommend you give my blog a read through. The worldwide coronavirus situation is everchanging, and it’s best for you to be prepared in case your country has to lockdown too.

Let’s dive in!

Action 1: Selling Xmas Gift Cards

If your escape room already sells gift cards around the year, you’re probably already selling a lot of them as Christmas presents in the coming weeks. But if not, make sure you do!

Just because your escape room is closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t generate some cash flow and income. And a campaign that specifically promotes that people can buy gift cards for their loved ones so they can enjoy your escape room next year when the world is back to normal is an idea that will do well.

What I will say however is ensure buyers are permitted to receive a full 100% refund if needed. 2021 should see the world returning to normal, but when that will happen is still very much in the air. Give your customers some flexibility and security in this very inseucre…